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  3. World Chess Championship 2018!

The Chess Championship of the World is on the line tomorrow, Friday 9 November 2018 live, from The College in Holborn, London, England. Defending champion Magnus Carlsen (NOR) will square-off against the challenger Fabiano Caruana (USA via ITL). Magnus Carlsen captured the title in 2013, after beating Viswanathan "Vishy" Anand (IND) 6.5-3.5 and, successfully defending it against him in 2014, 6.5-4.5. The second challenge to his title played out in 2016 against Sergey Karjakin (RUS) in New York. Carlsen winning just one game in classical time control forced the issue and the match went to rapid tie-breaks. Carlsen won the second and third games to secure the victory 6(3)-6(1). Caruana enters the title match having won the Candidate's Tournament. He is behind Carlsen in their head-to-head record: 5 wins, 18 draws and, 10 losses. The total including blitz/rapid/exhibition is in Magnus' favor: 23 wins, 22 draws and, 11 losses. That's two-for-one in wins and draws over Fabi. Magnus is the favorite and the 12-game match is sure to provide a few gems! Check back for updates concerning the match in real-time.

Definitely an exciting event! hope Fabi wins

Is ther any link to follow this event ?.

@Sholmes49 Check out lichess broadcast and:

Thanks !


lol just watch it here on lichess!
way better than chess24
unlimited depth on engine and no ads!

Will it be broadcast on LiChess?

That's what I want to know too!


Is there a link to the lichess eval?