Why do you play chess? Is chess a torture? Is it a bad thing?

Chess is mental torture. ~ Garry Kasparov

Because every single MMO is so boring these days so chess is the best game available.

I enjoy exercising my brain and trying to build up on my knowledge of the game of chess.

Because it's a great way to kill time, And I need to kill a lot of time.

Pour se débarrasser de l'anxiété et passer du temps en quarantaine

Started some years ago, cause i hated switching between other games, so i like the fact that you can improve and still play it some years later :)

@sm2019 I treat chess like a hobby, not a full-time job like Kasparov. When you do it that much with that much at stake, it gets really stressful and exhausting.

I play chess to get away from the many stresses of life.