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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. why did black resign this game?

BLACK was totally winning.!

I wouldn't say totally winning. Looks about equal to me. Maybe he had to stop playing for some reason.

they had a rematch instantly tho

I see mate in 36

I have to disagree, It looks like a mate in 37 to me. Maybe you mis-calculated @synposis?

Well, I stand corrected,
I am a Chess novice, I have only been playing this wonderful game for a few weeks as evidenced by my rather pathetic rating on
Every defeat will only make me stronger!

Computer says it is equal. However, although white is lower on time, it is easier to play as white in these types of positions with both players low on time.

Black is not totally winning. Just because he has a queen on the back row, and a rook let to help guard does not mean it's a win.

Those white pawns are still very menacing. I would prefer to play as white in the final position, but I wouldn't resign as black.

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