Why can't I play any game?

Last time I was trying to join the tournament, but I couldn't. Why?

No I didn't cheat, but somebody has reporter that I cheat And has banned me. How to recover my account?


It's the problem of every online chess system.

First, the problem: cheaters.
Second, we want to detect and ban cheaters.

But how do we do it?

Right now site operators have all the power. I'm not talking specifically about Lichess. It seems to happen to every chess site.

There's a climate of religious fervor, snitching and vigilantism. You lose, you can't take it, you snitch!

There isn't any accountability, no transparency, no due process. You are guilty before you are even accused.

And when we operate like this the powerful (in this case famous) are almost immune and the powerless are screwed.

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