who's greatest bullet player of all time: andrew tang, alireza firouzja or magnus carlsen?

here's my opinion:

ultra: penguin > alireza > magnus
hyper: alireza > magnus > penguin
1+0: alireza > magnus > penguin

overall: alireza > penguin > magnus

Magnus is pretty good for his age. If he was younger I'm sure he would blow them out of the water.

@Developmentals i'm not hating on him or something like that but i don't think his age barely ever has to do with his bullet performance. if he, cause of his age, was past his prime, at least significantly, over the board, in classical, then i'd think that it would be as well the reason he's not greater than this in bullet. but he don't even seem to get weaker in classical, maybe by a hair, so i think it's same when it comes to bullet.

now i came to main point: i guess you're assuming since bullet's mostly about speed man in his 30s can't be as strong in that time control as in his 20s. but unless you are like 40 i don't think age slowens you in bullet. if that was the case, nihal sarin, praggnanandhaa, etc would be performing better in bullet but apparently they are so far from arguably greatest bullet players like magnus and zhigalko who are 29 and 31, respectively.

@FlaggingTheFlaggers Magnus himself said that he has regressed in the last 2 years in bullet (on his stream). You are probably right, but I guess classical is his main focus after all, which is why he is the World Champion.

Bullet in old age is not good and not fun. I am 40+, I feel my brain is slower than 5 years ago. :)

But bullet is not just speed and calculations. If you have good experience, you need to calculate 1/2 or 1/3 of others and still better. :)

I know what you are talking about! I'm 60+ and been a chessplayer for more than 50 years and I can assure everyone that your speed decrease significantly over the years. Regarding Magnus, he is higher ratet in bullet on Lichess than the rest of the field currently and he beats The Penguin in every match they play, only Alireza causes him problems and it is due to the fact he is much younger and when you are younger your brain's perception is much faster. You peak in that regard around the age of 18-25 so to me it is actually amazing Magnus still is at the very top. Alireza is surely the best bulletplayer currently but he has to watch his back, cause there is a 10 year old boy from Ukraine by the name of Tihon (LMPeshka) who imo will be the no. 1 bullet player in 5-7 years, just notice how he often takes down Zhigalko in tournaments.
Cheers from Denmark.

Based on what? He has lost to Magnus. I'll admit he is VERY good at bullet, but I have the feeling Alireza will be GOAT in bullet.