Who is the best positional player of all time?

Horsey was excellent at jockeying for position. But he had a weakness of being boxed in on the inside. The chess career of Horsey was a nagging lack of wins.

addition to #9

Maybe i was a bit unfair to Kaspy. He played most amazing games. I remember once i said to a dude in our chess club, wo was quite sarcastic about studying chess: "Replay some Kaspy games, its fun". He joked about it and i was sure he would not do and i forgot the episode. But then next week he came to me and was like: "woow, that dude plays incredible games, i looked at his Evans game (against Vishy) and at that game, wooow". Haha, Thats the impression Kaspys games can make to sceptics. He plays very didactic.

His recent games against the top players today are not that impressive because he looks too much on the results and tries to reach draws. Thats not his style. He should trust his intuitution and play some dynamic stuff. He still rocks at this.

Also, Kaspy has probably been the most influental player regarding chess openings. Nearly every line he played became widely played and analyzed by the masses. When Chess databases and engines were still a tool for pros, i copied his openings from chess magazines and won a lot of games with his ideas. Regarding openings he was a chess scientist, he walked down the rabbit hole and played the critical lines. Ok, he worked with amazing seconds who did a lot of analysis for him, but Karpov in his prime had a whole staff of seconds.

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