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  3. Where are all the British titled players?

Kingscrusher is the only one I see on here. Where are the rest?

On lichess the titled players are not motivated to declare their title, because lichess is 100% free, instead is a buisness site, so the titled players are motivated to declare the titled to have all free(lessons, Puzzles, blog/video permissions etc...), and for have the requirements to join "Titled Tournaments".

On lichess there are A LOT of 2300+ players, for me there are TONS of titled players not declared that play here.

For me lichess should give more motivations for the titled players to declare them title.

To have a lot of titled players online would increase the charisma and the importance of the site.

Simple. There is no contract binding them on this site.
On other sites, where there are paid features, they're paid to promote said features with their names.

That's true. I see flags from all around the world but very rare to see a British titled player. I wonder if Nigel Short plays on here. He's a funny guy.

@NeverBeenTimid n
This might be Nigel:

@Jacob531 this is a very clever find

@Scuffi I heard it somewhere else. I don't remember where, but it's not original to me.

Are there any British titled players besides KC ?

In Britain.

I also miss the titled players from trinidad and tobago. nowhere to be found!

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