What's your favorite 3 openings?

I dare you to play 1. e4 b5 against stockfish level 8.

@Rag_Filini I'm not familiar with those openings... I'll have to check them out someday. ( curious? What is it about those openings that you like so much?)

1. Bird variation against Spanish opening (it is no good, but I will not let you play your positional thing !)

2. Sicilian Nimzo

3. The mysterious Schallop defence vs the King’s gambit.

I like all openings, but my personal favorites are:

1. King's indian defense (with Black and white)
2. Sicilian Najdorf delayed poisoned pawn variation (with Black)
3. Vienna gambit (with White: It's unplayable with Black ;) )

my faforit obenings are taimanov maybe kings indian and quenns gambit

Opening phase gets me into issues, but the varied playing styles of openings fascinates me.

Kings Knight