weird chess records

Here's a thread for any weird chess records. I have two.

[1] Once I lost over the board at a classical time control to a player who was aged 92. He was still playing well. He played a good positional game. He could still explain to me afterwards why I lost. I don't expect that I will meet anyone who has lost to an older player.
[2] Biggest break between chess? In the mid 90's I played a Serbian player and he seriously had not played chess since the second world war! That is a break totally of approximately 50 years. He used to play in tournaments before WW2 and then stopped completely.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I heard that a game lasted for 20 hours and ended in a draw.

I have berserked all my tournament games ... Currently berserked games streak is of 694 games and it is still going ...

@Chess_Looser12 You got it right. The game was played between Yugoslavian players Ivan Nikolić and Goran Arsović in 1989. Besides being a 20 hours long match, it was also a game with 269 moves played. It was so ridiculous that FIDE actually decided to change its official rules to prevent absurds like this happen again.

Here is the game:

And here are more chess records for those of you who are interested:

That would be cute! But actually no. Sadly the 92 year old player passed about 2 years later but he was still in correspondence chess tournaments even then!

My favourite record is Colonel Moreau having the worst ever score in a master level tournament; he got zero and lost every game in a double round robin. That is what he is still remembered for! Better some immortal fame than none I guess ;)

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