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Oh come on you gave bots perfect 3000+ engines, give them some nasty 3000+ insults too. And premoves&time spam on checkmate sequences. That would be real hell.

@Chessty_McBiggins The topic was originally about removing BOT, because it allowed @rzenaikrzys to appear on the leaderboard by playing a shitty opponent. (THIS IS NOT AN INSULT!) Also, the feedback I am trying to propose, and most of the players agree with me here, is that top players should only play rated against other players and play casual against BOT. I don't know what is Rzenaikrzys thinking everytime in his head when he is reading a topic involving his game style. The guy doesn't even have 1 tournament game played!

Also, I talked to ProgramFOX about this, and he said that there was an issue that Arex started with this problem. (Players who would play against lower rated player) I am not saying it should be llegal to play against lower rated players. But, from times to times, and lets be honest please, he has to play against some players at his level. Even the 2nd players in RK right now. @MariusCiprian, does this.

Ok, I see where this is going, just listen to this and relax 8]

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@FalconPower I agree with you, your original post was completely reasonable and respectful. The other person is overreacting at having their lame practice exposed so publicly, but your post wasn't about him per se and rather about enabling him via the bot account.

One more thing. If every chess players acted just like you, they we can say good bye to the fun of playing chess with other player. Me whinning? Lol why would I do that? It was a feedback, right? I can post any suggestion. @rzenaikrzys The day will come where your rating deviation will be so high that your ratings will become provisional. Let's see what other complains YOU will make in the forum. You have over 1000 posts on lichess, just saying, and most of them are complaints/whinnings.

This end my appearance on this topic. I do not need to argue more at all. You know what you are doing, don't try to fool everyone. Tell me the reason (I already know it though, it is for the others) why you play against a 800 BOT or that 1600 BOT instead of real RK players.

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