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Which types of bots are on lichess? (I'll update the list)
- Which use an engine? (1)
- Which use neural networks? (2)
- Which use (averages of) several engines? (3)
- Which use a human player? (4)
- Which use a team of human players? (5)
- Which use voting? (6)
- Which use tablebases? (7)
- Which use opening books? (8)
- Which use databases? (9)
- Which use lichess studies? (10)
- Which variants do they play? (11a = Standard, 11b = Crazyhouse, 11c = Chess960, 11d = King of the Hill, 11e = Three-check, 11f = Antichess, 11g = Atomic, 11h = Horde, 11i = Racing Kings)
- Which time controls do they play? (12a = Ultrabullet, 12b = Bullet, 12c = Blitz, 12d = Rapid, 12e = Classical, 12f = Correspondence, 12g = Unlimited)
- Which play rated and/or casual? (13a = Rated, 13b = Casual, 13c = Both)
- Which use a rating range? (14a = >1500, 14b = >2000, 14c = >2400, 14d = >2600, 14e = <1000, 14f = <1500, 14g = <2000, 14h = <2400)
- Which only play against titled players? (15)
- Which play with white and/or black? (16a = White, 16b = Black, 16c = Both)
- Which play simuls? (17)
- Which are streamers? (18)
- Which use Chess Insights? (19)
- Which accept challenges? (20)
- Which also play other games than chess elsewhere? (21)

Ordered by amount of numbers:
- LeelaChessOfficial (1,2,11a,12a/b/c/d,13a,15,16c,19)=8
- VoteChess (6,11a,12d,13b,16c,19,20)=7
- ...
- ...

Please let me know what I can add to this list, especially if your account is a bot account.

I update the list at

- Which play against bots, computers and/or humans? (22a = bots, 22b = computers, 22c = humans)

@Ajile it would be nice to maintain a spreadsheet with columns of your list filled with BOT lines.

Here are the numbers for PyChessBot
1, 7, 8, 11abcdefghi, 12abcde, 13c, 16c, 20, 21, 22c

Thank you @gbtami

I've created a spreadsheet at

I spreadsheet !

1, maybe 2 too, 3, 4, 7 (when necessary), 8, 11a+11c, 12f, 13b (+13a, if the opponent is BOT too or don't care about possible problems with lichess cheat detection), 16c, 20

GarboBot runs on the GarboChess-JS engine.

1, 11a, 12abcdefg, 13c, 16c, 20

@Ajile there is a variant called "from position" BOT authors can support. This is not a real variant game type but enables to create arbitrary starting positions to play from. See for example :) All in all add 11j="from position" to the list please!

That's a great idea! I've added it to the list on There currently seems to be something wrong with the ethercalc list, so I haven't updated that one yet.

I've updated and

I've also created a survey for people who have created a lichess BOT at

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