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  3. tilt :(

how can I deal with tilt/stop myself from getting tilted? I just lost 41 games in a row and the tilt is very severe.

That may be because you just played a player rated several hundred points higher than you 44 times in a row (in 1/2+0 crazyhouse).
You may be playing well for all I know, but if you play very strong players it makes sense that you lose games.

Chillax. Lose 4 or more games in a row and you quit.

Tilt is very easy to control in any game/sport. When you feel you are not playing your best and your mind is constantly thinking of what could have been or what you should have done, etc. you need to take a break and study your losses. Not only the actual game, but what caused those losses - was it because you weren't focused, or something else. Quantity is not more important than quality. I've found this to be true in chess, poker, tennis, and bowling - the sports that I have experience in formulating this mindset.

na keep playing, its an epic tilt

thanks for the advice, all! :)

I’m an expert tilter. I have multiple times gone from 2120 to 1750 and back to 2100 and back to 1800 and back to 2070 etc.

Tilting is fun.

Like chessbrah yells: “the choke is there! The choke is there! Here comes the choke!” Lol