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  3. The chess training program you need to progress in chess.

Hello friends! I'm Alberto Chueca, FIDE Master and Chess Coach. If it's possible, I would like to share the chess training program I have prepared. If someone could be interested can join us also, I think it's a big opportunity!

It's something new, different and cool which will give you results and you will progress in chess!

The project is The Rebel Alliance! (

What are you going to get?
-Access to the private academy
-Free videos of chess concepts updated every month (valued at 299€)
-Tutorials and ebooks... (valued at 29€)
-3 live masterclasses of chess concepts every month! (valued at 120€)
-Access to the private group of Facebook
-Personal support for your chess doubts (valued at 29€)
-Masterclasses recorded (valued at 29€)
-Don't you like it? Money back (first 3 days).
-No commitment to stay. Cancel it whenever you want! No extra costs!

And you will think that all of these benefits will cost much... ERROR!!

It costs only 37€/month! No commitment to stay and you get me as a coach! (Price will go up soon, don't lose this opportunity!)

The view of the private section in The Rebel Alliance:

Imagine all the knowledge you can learn in the 3 masterclasses per month (that if you can't attend some lesson, you've got them recorded), the chess videos and tutorials about concepts divided into sections which will guide you depending on the level you've got and the concepts you need, my personal advice... (I will be there to motivate you and follow your progress) and you will improve with other rebels from different parts of the World.

We are like a family and we will improve together.

Honestly, you will need to work hard but I will be there to help you and do it easier!

And due to we're starting the price is ridiculous! But be careful, the prices will go up soon and the academy not always will be open!

We're getting amazing results and I want to help more Rebels to progress in chess! Join a new, cool and different way to learn chess!

Join The Rebel Alliance:

I hope you like it, help many of you and I hope not disturb you much.

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