The 4 grade killers in (online) chess

I've found the 3 things that wreck my online grade are
1.Playing when tired
2.Playing when depressed or upset about something
3.Playing when bored
Although these will seem a bit obvious there is a 4th which is worse than
all these.
4. Thinking I can still play OK despite 1,2,and 3 above,there seems to be a bias
(for me) to discount them and play anyway.
Solution if the above appy play casual unrated ,overall my grade is 100 points higher
when I do this. Note this is not the same as reaching a high grade then not playing any more
rated games to sit on the grade!
Any thoughts or other things that destroy your grade?

Personally it sometimes is the cockyness/carelesness when I get ahead, I've blundered way too many queens after taking a free one from the opponent or just simply got backrank mated because of this. This tends to happen less and less as I keep playing but still.

Yeah I was thinking about that too but it doesn't happen to me that often!

tired is the main killer for me.

Playing when depressed, so all the time?

So this thread is NOT about murderous fourth graders playing online chess?

Do not play when you are despressed. You will lose and get even more depressed. It is a good idea to stop playing after a loss and rather analyse the lost game for at least the time of that game itself.

Hi @Stuckfish.

I'm quite new to the game; but I'm finding more and more that frame (or state) of mind is very important in chess. I think all our attention needs to go on analysis and finding the best move in any given position. I know with myself, this is seldom what happens; my mind goes to all kinds of superfluous stuff.

To my thinking, a calm undistracted mind is best.

Like Karpov said: "When playing chess, you must forget that you live."