tactics trainer on lichess

i've only tried a few, but all are from 5m blitz....... i don't exactly equate deep pondering to blitz (no offense to your blitzers, and i love blitz, but...). are most or all the lichess tactics from blitz??????

Tactics are tactics, no matter the time controls.

It is the same as you'd find in puzzle books and other tactics sites.

If anything, it puts any ego in check when you see what some folks can pull off in tight time pressure. Though maybe it simply reinforces the importance of doing tactics so you can pull off the same thing :D You may be surprised how difficult they become and it is even more humbling when you see you've spent more time trying to solve it than they took playing their entire game!

@ioxod I'm actually surprised by the contrary: how many people, also very high rated, DON'T find the correct tactic, sometimes even easier ones, at any time control.

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