Sorry, you can't follow more than 400 players on Lichess.

"Sorry, you can't follow more than 400 players on Lichess.
To follow new players, you must first unfollow some on"

Well then, Lichess. When will you remove this limit?

Come on, hard drives cost less and less

I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that hard drive costs are not the issue here.

@Break_TOS Pity? It was pity that stayed campacavalloscacchi's hand.

Many that play chess deserve a follow. Some that play deserve unfollowing. Can you give it to them, Break_TOS? Do not be too eager to deal out unfollows in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends.

This is probably a limitation to ease the load on the database. Hard disks are dirt cheap, it has nothing to do with storage.
PS Woah, I didn't know lichess has already gone to the moon.

I said hard drives, but I don't know why there is this limit. Lichess is beyond the moon. An amazing site, with the best players in the world (and also the poorest, myself included)

@campacavalloscacchi : Your question has been asked several times. I am sure, that the limit has nothing to do with storage capacities. But things like that can slow down the whole site substantially. If they increase the limit to for instance 1000 players, then surely many players will use this limit. And all these players get constant notifications about their thousand followed players.

This is not a hypothetical discussion: You probably don't know this, because your account is four months old. When OTB chess faded away due to well known reasons in March 2020, Lichess gained much popularity, the number of active users exploded. One year ago there were often roughly 20.000 active users, now we are over 100.000! For a few weeks there were serious problems especially during big tournaments, the site even crashed several times. They had to buy new hardware to handle the increased number of users.