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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. So, you're a player somewhere around 1400 and you're looking for advice...

A while ago I created this post on reddit:

Since then I've been helping people around 1400 improve their chess and correct their flaws for free.

Feel free to contact.


Strongly recommend this!! Paul's an amazing, dedicated teacher :)

I have checked out the videos also and found them excellent. A different approach from most youtube chess videos. Brilliant work.

Thank you very much guys :)

Strongly recommend this too!! Paul gives very detailed and specific advice

coudl you do for the 1550 palyers?

@the_loving_boy Sure, send your skype account.

I am around 1300 fide is it still ok?

@Dawny It's perfect, send message with your skype.

Thumbs up, Paul is nice and gave me great advices even if im a little above 1400.