Rogess = Chess with Rogue-like combat

Hey there - my colleague Jonathan Lessard just released a new Chesslike called Rogess. The essence of the variation is that pieces now have "hitpoints" (according to their traditional value in chess) and thus aren't immediately captured. You can miss too! You've probably always wanted to try to capture a piece and miss it, right? Anyway, if that sounds weird enough to try out, have a look below - it has a mediocre AI or local two-player.

I lost to a Q that wouldn't stop - just like real chess! :)

I've thought about creating a variant similar to this, where pieces have hit points and you can upgrade them throughout the course of the game, like pawns being able to capture forward and stuff. Never got around to doing it, however, as it would probably take a lot of work and testing.

Wow ... like it, we have to study it.

10/10 lost my king before I could test castling out of check.