Record deletion

So why is it a problem to allow people to delete their records and start over ?

Deleting your games would also imply deleting other people's games, so I guess that is a non-starter.

There should be a way to modify that so it doesn't affect both sides.

So you want an option to remove the association between your account and the games? I think that possibly solutions would look ugly: imagine random games you once played being anonymized, with only the opponent's ranking remaining. I also don't see why you want to get rid of your games to be honest.

I don't think that's going to happen... They don't like you tampering with your ranking, although I still occasionally meet someone on their way down.

Chess games are public record.

You can close your account, but the games remain.

I understand the frustration or shame of playing terribly or having games you're not proud of for everyone to see, but that's only temporary. Use those games to get better. No one is judging you from games you're not proud of, and honestly, 99.999% of people on this site will never look at a single game by you.

Just keep moving forward :) The only way to get better is to accept our faults and failings and work to fix them. We can't become good overnight, right. You can do it!

Even the best players have had the experiences all of us are going through. I'm sure all masters remember many terrible games and missed opportunities. It is ok.

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