Rate My Mate #1

First game the mate was okay, kind of ordinary, but i can't get a high score because your opponent played suck outrageously bad moves. If fact, it looks like a contrived game where black cooperated, almost a helpmate.
The mate in the second game is clever and nifty, with the three minor pieces cooperating perfectly. It rates a 9, even though once again the opposition was not strong.
Just my opinion. You asked, so I answered.

The results of any mate are equal, but the mating sequence and the positional ending can be a thing of beauty. I love to see a great mate. The puzzle of the day often features high rated "mates" that are not only instructive, but they are sometimes things of beauty. I think it is part of the love for the game :]
@dominic03 - If your mate was the puzzle of the day, its rating would be some what low...but as you say "For a beginner"... Its a good mate. What's interesting about your game, is that you defeated what appears to be the "Bongcloud Defense"... to Van't Kruijs's opening. You should start a new post called "Defeating the Bong Cloud" as opposed to the current on going post subject about... "Winning with the Bong Cloud" :]

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