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good afternoon ! I want to ask why in the game 10 minutes (Rapid), the developers will not make the addition of 5 seconds? I believe that in the game of chess, in any time control, there must be an addition. I very often lose, because I think for a long time. I'm learning to play chess myself and I need time to think about each move. my last party had a bad effect on me, and I have many such parties. after such defeats, I fall into a deep depression ( ) hurt to lose in one move
. if I make a 10 + 5 call, I have to wait a lot for someone to notice my call and take it, and that would be more relevant. can we expect changes in the future? Thank you !

i think the slower time controls are less used so there is less call for a dedicated 10+5 button
there isnt anything stopping you from making your own 10+5 game. if it takes a while to find an opponent it shows theres less call for a button

blitz buttons (3+0, 3+2, 5+0, 5+3) Too many buttons for you can say about all the modes, create = wait. But I would like to have a button on Rapid with the addition of 10 + 10 or 10 + 5.

Why not create a custom game?

151000 blitz players a week

87000 rapid players a week

theres many more blitz games than there are rapid games

if 10+5 was a popular option then you wouldnt have long to wait when making a custom game. if you do have to wait for a while then its not a popular option

you do not understand me very much. I mean, there must be some time to add in the chess game. I create 10 + 5, another player created the game 10 + 3, another created 10 + 10, and we all wait until someone sees us. those who play Rapid 10 + 0, just win, if there is a button 10 + 10

I think the Blitz 5 + 3 button is unpopular. why not create a button for chess 960.

i juts clicked on the 5+3 button took less than 10 seconds to get a match
i looked on the lobby at the 10+x games some of them were there for minutes before people clicked on them

@Incognito19 >I think 5+3 is unpopular

No. No. No. No. No.

Devs has access to all stats of games. They have placed the most played time controls on the quick game section. If a time control is on the quick game section, that is because it was played much more than others.

#5 Rapid games last longer than blitz games, so to Judge popularity you should not look at number of games, but rather at time played.
I second the request of the original poster for buttons with increment and also for tournaments with increment. All FIDE competitions are with increment, but we still play without.

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