It may be silly, but I have 2 questions, and I hope you can answer to mine.

1st question: Can you use chess computer assistance ONLY against Stockfish CPU (any level from 1-8)? I am asking this because when playing against the Stockfish CPU, regardless of the levels, you don't gain rating at all. Of course, I know that you can't use it against non-computer opponents, regardless of whether it's a casual or rated game.

Another question: how does a person get flagged for chess computer assistance? Is it just only because he/she uses chess engine only for rated games?


I remember something:
- use of opening book in correspondence
that's about it. :D

As for engine flagging, multiple things are considered:
* low acpl < 15, followed by a 0/0/0
* David and Goliathing those 2000s
* Consistent move times
* Flashing: switching tabs
Of course exceptions apply!

The next forum poster is going to give you a link to the Terms of Service / FaQ page,
but this is just the surface :)

Using an engine for casual games against other players will probably get you flagged as well.

The software uses a learning algorithm that looks at many more things than just the above. These can be a useful heuristic for when to report people though. If you don't cheat, you will never get flagged, so don't worry about it :)

I am using a computer assistance ONLY against Stockfish CPUs on "Play with the computer." Is that a huge problem, even though the CPUs aren't actually real opponents and I don't gain rating when playing against the CPU??

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