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  3. PyChess 0.99.2 supports Lichess practice studies offline

This is awesome, I absolutely love the Pychess client. How stable is this release, I read it's the 3rd alpha to 1.0? I'm on Ubuntu and they're still on the very old stable release 0.12.2 :( Would you recommend upgrading to this latest alpha from 0.12.2? thanks

Hi @ll0
First of all sorry for the late reply (I was on holiday last week).
0.99.2 is lightning years better and stable than 0.12.2 was, so download and install it from please!
The shipped .deb is a python3 package now, so keep in mind that it may have some different dependencies than 0.12.2 had.

That, sir, is very nice! Great work!

Can someone explain how to do that? I have the client but I cannot see any option for lichess.

Hi dear thibault Can you return my closed account?

Thx @thibault !

@TCSarper in the Welcome(opening) screen of PyChess there are 4 main perspectives you can start with. Games, ICS, Database, Learn. In the lower right one you can select a "Category" from a dropdown list: Lectures, Lessons, Puzzles, Endgames. If you choose "Lessons" the sub-dropdown will offer you some of the Lichess interactive studies to solve offline. If you choose "Puzzles" the sub-dropdown will offer Lichess practice studies (and mate in x puzzles from other sources).
Hope this helps.

Oh how fun! /s

So now people can have a offline device running studies right next to them while they play me in a game.

Thats just wonderful.

We should probably just cut out the middle man and start allowing engines.

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