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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Problem with blitz games

While I greatly enjoy playing blitz games on this fabulous site, I repeatedly run into one flaw (which the devs seem to be putting no consideration into fixing): I keep losing on time. I understand that there is a 10 minute rapid variant for those who prefer slightly longer games, but why is there no 10 minute blitz variant? Or how about a 15+15 blitz variant? That way I could lose due to my poor play rather than my poor time management.

I'd also consider a 1 move per day bullet, just to be thorough.

15+15 is classical. It can not be blitz. Also 10+0 is rapid, it also can not be blitz. A time control can only be in one time class. A control can not be both rapid and blitz. everything up to 8+0 is blitz. 5+5 is also blitz. Try those. Maybe 2+12 ?

If you want to play 10|0, then play 10|0. Why do you care about whether the site calls it blitz or not?

blitz is blitz because of the time control, if you change the time control it changes to either bullet rapid or classical. so i don´ t quite understand the question. you talk about blitz as it being a variant of chess like atomic chess, or anti-chess.

Really funny

Very insightful point, i was also wondering why there's only chess on this website, and not other games like pacman and mario that aren't so boring.

Pacman, 10 +0 the best way to play Pacman.
Who have ever try a bullet Mario ?
I wonder... is there an elo for Space Invader ?

I play 90+30 blitz at OTB tournaments

Trolling is not good, neither it is fun.

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