Problem since the alleged upgrade

Since the "upgrade" I have the following maddening problem: On completion of a game, when I click on the game analysis, it frequently changes to a black and white page simply displaying the game in notation - no analysis, no board. I can back click to the original game and it will typically happen multiple times before I am finally allowed to analyze the game with the engine. I remember having this problem years ago and I cannot remember what the solution was. Any help? The same thing often happens when I download the game. When I click on the download, although the game is downloaded to my computer, that dreaded page pops up showing a full black and white page displaying the game moves in notation.

Apparently on your head it you don't understand the point that I am making! :) For a moment, I thought you must be part of the management here - always sensitive to issues - NOT!

What's your browser and version? It sounds like it's directly displaying the PGN rather than downloading it as a file which we can probably fix but we have to be able to reproduce and test it first.

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