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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Portable chess set suggestions?

I'm looking for a portable chess set for when I meetup with a friend at a cafe. Something smaller than average but not one of those cheap ones from the dollar store.

Any suggestions?

vinyl board that rolls up and some regular pieces? very cheap;

This is the best 'travel' option. If you're in Europe, though, I've found a lot of cafe tables are less than 22" or so... difficult if the table is smaller than the board

A wooden box with an 8x8 checkerboard pattern on it that folds in half, allowing you to keep the chessmen in it during storage or transportation.

Chesshouse dot com has some nice travel sets that wood and magnetized. You can also get a nice set of plastic pieces, and I prefer the silicone mats over the vinyl ones.

Thanks for the suggestions!
I'm leaning more towards a board which folds in half to store the pieces. I'll check out the websites that were mentioned.

You have analysis board in the lichess mobile app too.

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