Please remove the Patron icon from the left of my name.

Since I got this "badge" I was fallowed only by bad luck. I want it removed asap. If this isn't possible I won't make any donation anymore, ever. It should be an option to choose if you wanted displayed or not.

I haven't had bad luck...but I do get occasional questions from players wondering what the badge means.
That's the only down side I've seen; just having to explain what it means from time to time

Bad luck don't happen because this or that, it happens because of bad luck.

How would you describe the bad luck? Your score evolution doesn't suggest anything significant :D Was it bad luck in the real world? Did you lose some money in gambling? Dices don't work as usual? Lottery numbers are not coming? Please tell me more :D

.patron { display: none !important; }

Removes it from everyone. As a side effect you won't be able to see their online status.

.user-link.offline .line.patron::before { content: 'Ò' !important; } .line.patron::before { content: '' !important; }

still removes it from everyone, but you will see their online status

It is too late, you awoke your inner bête noire. Only way is too make her go to bed. For that you need to master the art of losing with grace.