Petrov Defense Is Best Opening?

I think Petrov Defense is the most well-balanced opening which means the best opening.

Caruana agrees with you.

Well, it's certainly a good opening. It's the best opening if you accept that it's joint best with a lot of others.

Petroff is opening for players that like theoretical battles and boring play.

Doesn’t Alpha Zero say Berlin is the best opening for black?

And Catalan and English for white.

It's the best opening for lazy players, who don't want to study a lot of theoretical lines. It doesn't have the drawback of leading to an inferior position, like the Basman opening. It's not well-balanced, but it is a good defense for people who can play the positions that this defense often produce.

Also black can aim for more in the Petroff if white tries to be ambitious. It's more a case of the Petroff allowing white to make a draw than playing for a draw outright.