Penguin vs Magnus, who wins?

Chess world champion has more probability to win more matches, obviously. If they both play their best, Magnus would most likely dominate.

They've done this before, Magnus has won every bullet and hyperbullet match, although not always by extreme amounts. Penguin's win rate versus Magnus has been as high as 40% in hyperbullet.

In long games Magnus wins. In short games Penguin wins.

In long games Magnus wins. In short games Magnus wins as well. Peng will defend himself better in short time controls but magnus will still win the majority of the games.

Are we talking about a real penguin or Andrew Tang?

If Tang, Magnus wins 3 - 1 (as proven on lichess) and if a real penguin, I think the penguin would struggle to get at most one draw in every hundred games.

I’d like to see 15 seconds match and 8 seconds hYper bullet berserk match. Did they play this time control ever? In 1 minute and even 30 seconds Carlsen is too much, but super short time controls give Tang better chances. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 15 and 8 seconds Tang is the best player in the world. Mouse control becomes very important. I have seen Tang flag Magnus when both have 1 or 2 seconds left, even when Magnus has the winning position.

@Kusokosla What is the point? Magnus is the best CHESS player on the planet Earth, so when time controls are so short the mouseskills will be decisive. But still I would put my money on Magnus.