Penguin vs Magnus, who wins?

the norwegian wins........penguins can't move the pieces. they don't even understand chess.... incidentally, magnus is kind of a joke as a world champion.........i mean --- the world championship decided by fast chess????? why not just flip a coin........ be just as valid.

i don't think the world championship should be decided by quick or fast chess, that's my point. although i concede that MAYBE in this time of computers and masses of information available to chess players, that a series of long, classical games to decide the championship might be.... completely impractical.

as it is now, though, it seems like the world championship is ultimately decided by whomever is best at...... fast chess, since in long, classical games, guys seem totally even...

and i don't know any super gm nicknamed penguin, or such.......... there's ron cey, but he was a baseball player...

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