No Carlsen in Titled

let's just say sometime in the future, Carlsen has a world championship game during a titled arena...
who would win?

Why can't Carlsen play in the titled arena instead of watching Fabi's WCC match?

No like, if Carlsen is world champ and is facing the challenger, he can't join the titled arena because he has a game during that time. Who would win the TITLED ARENA?

Titled Arenas cannot be held without Magnus Carlsen. He is the main attraction! Lichess would not schedule the tournaments when Magnus Carlsen is not available. If this happens by mistake, the Titled Arena would be rescheduled.
Fabiano Caruana is much weaker in 1+0 time control than Magnus Carlsen.
I am curious how Wesley So would do in titled arenas. Can anyone invite him?

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