New Antichess Marathon :D

If ppl r willing to join... we can hold an antichess marathon :) we can vote on the time control, date and whether its private or not and all here ;)

Come on guys, lets make this happen. It's going to be fun. We'll all have to play extra games to get our rating back up, haha.

My vote for a time control is 2+0. Not super fast and it gives you time to think but isn't to slow either.

this site have a lot engines of antichess to do a marathon

we can make it private and only send invites to the ppl we know arent bots... would that work?

Well those people would send links to others and so on. Doubt we can prevent an engine user from joining but we can report them. If caught, no harm done

@inverted they arent too much of an issue as 1-2 weeks back but there was 1 (as far as i know its only 1) cheater who would continuously make new alts and cheat with them and ended up stealing many ppls rating points unfairly