Name of opening disappeared from game notation


Is it intentional change that name of opening disappeared from the spot above the notation? Or somehow it was disabled? But I couldn't find the option to show it again. Now to check what's variation I am on I have to go to opening explorer and even I am there I can just copy-paste it anymore. Pretty inconvenient. Hope it's just my client and not the change.

Seems to be intentional, given the position and the styling. But yes, it's pretty much broken now. The opening name doesn't even stay there, it just vanishes on some random move.

and friends don't show up in the bottom right corner

Oh! and openings show when you have the opening explorer open!

Actually I have the same issue.
That would be a bad "improvement", if this feature has been kicked out.

I got the official answer: "The opening names are disabled at the moment"

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