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  3. My very own smothered mate:))

Hello friends! I am so happy to show you a blitz game i won just now. I checkmated my opponent via morphy mate in the last few seconds. Check out the game.

Good one! You were lucky he didn't find 30 ...Nd4+ though ;)

thanks:) true but in a blitz game it is difficult to find the best move always.

GG hussain

@RISHI_2004 thank you:)

How do you post these games I have one game where I totally dominated my opponent like I was Magnus Carlson playing against me.

Yeah he would of ruined your 4 step check mate if he saw that check with the knight.

@BOBMILIN just copy paste the URL of the game. let me see your magnus game ;)

I actually could have won in 7 moves but I took 11 I don't get many games like this in Rapid this was more like a Bullet game where the player just blunders and collapses in the first few moves I am playing black.

@BOBMILIN nice game. In the king's gambit accepted one should always play Nf3 to prevent Qh4+.