Hello. I have a question about reporting players.

Is it encouraged to send a report with a clearly written explanation on all suspected engine users?

I.E.: not just someone I played, lost, analyzed and determined cheat, but any player with a pattern that shows signs of possible engine use?

The main reason I am asking is because I am conflicted on this matter, the thought of spamming the moderators is unacceptable, the same with spotting a possible abuser and not reporting it.

Many players as well as myself have noticed that within the last year or so the reporting system seems to have changed, as far as receiving feedback ie point refund/notification. Are people who make to many false/paranoid reports put on an ignor list or discredited?

Mainly I'm asking do you encourage all reports of reasonable suspicion? Or do you get overloaded with spam that you have to shuffle through?

Official responses would be greatly appreciated.

You can report anyone you like. This, however, doesn't mean a person will automatically get marked or otherwise sanctioned.
We have a system in place that deals with people submitting a lot of bogus reports.

Thank you @bufferunderrun.

I will now publicly state: when I first joined lichess, before I was embedded, and found my love for the lichess community, I made a few "hot headed" reports (have mercy I came straight from chess.youknowwhere). Once I got the feel for the site and its functions I began to understand the community and now I take pride as a member and dedicating time to helping it along in anyway that I can, hence tomorrow when I get my debit card that will include becoming a patron (can't wait to get my flashy wing). Lichess has helped me not only in becoming a better chess player but also in becoming a better person. As plenty know I am a chatterbox, but there is an upside to that, I am surrounded by hundreds of brilliant people, and commuting with them has influenced me for the better, including the criticism against me. For that I sincerely thank lichess and all of the members who have also dedicated their time and help to this wonderful site.

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