list the reasons why to disconnect every two moves?

My dinner is burning in kitchen and my desktop is in another room.

My pet male mouse thinks my mouse really is a female mouse.

Subject: "list the reasons why to disconnect every two moves?"

In other words: "What excuse can I make for behavior like switching tabs to do analysis elsewhere?"

IMO, not sure how "cheat detection" works, but I would assume that switching screens or tabs, loss of focus in the browser window is a tell-tale sign.

On my part, if I have to wait for an opponent to make a move, or if I've made a pre-move, or if the game is just starting, I may be screwing around with my playlist (music). Or, if I don't like a song, I might hit pause. But for the fact this is ever-so-brief, and not every two moves. My concentration is on the game; I owe that much to my opponent. (Fair play.)

If you don't have a stable connection for live chess, then, like driving: If your putt-putt car can get up to highway (or freeway, or expressway, or autobahn) speeds using a [highway] on-ramp, the vehicle is not road worthy. Most people don't understand this. Most people will take a vehicle that's not road-worthy on the road, just because. If your connection isn't good, then maybe you shouldn't be playing live chess??? (Except for the fact people need to get to work, by whatever means, and sometimes the means at your disposal isn't good: Slow internet is a fact of life. Nothing I can do when my ISP is having problems, etc.)

But if you disconnect every two moves, consistently, then you're likely to get flagged for using assistance. If you can't handle it, then you should probably just not play.


Correspondence is different from disconnecting from live chess. It can be played over various periods of time. Logging off is allowed. No problems there. Disconnecting after every two moves is only a concern for live chess. Try not to mix-up two separate paradigms.

@SJCVChess Perhaps the meaning of the list has not been understood. I often play against opponents who constantly disconnect.
what reasons can cause these constant disconnections? It was a nice way of talking about a very annoying thing

bad internet connection is the usual reason. computer crashes is a reason as well but that would only explain losing connection and not coming back