Lichess: is it really that nonprofit?

OP throwing a tantrum at someone elses success, how cute.

Reminds me I still need to donate at some point.
It makes me happy to see so many people defending Thibault, even though the OP was fairly obviously trolling.
Just think the tax rate in France is very high that mite be why he stays away. Besides the French leader and Trump get along very well.
The appearance of a troll every so often is normal and even good. It means that you are doing the job well.

Keep it up, it's amazing how you have achieved a chess portal that surpasses to chess24 and to any other.

The day will come when people will join another website or receive income from an investor. Surely there are offers.

For my part since I met lichess I recommend the web again and again in all portals and pages of facebook.
I used to give 5 bucks a month to lichess, reading this troll I'm going to give 10 : it really worths it and my kids love to learn chess with all the practice stuf.
Have a beer for me Thibault ;-)
There are lots and lots of patrons, because people appreciate the website.

The Patron site, shows newest on the left side of page, and highest donors in the rest of the page (I think).
@marthaux thank you for posting this thread

after reading it all i've decided to donate myself

@thibault have a beer on me and enjoy your travels :)
As a Business owner, $4000 a month is hardly raking in the dough.
There is so many extra costs associated with running a business, keep in mind, that there was probably several years of time that he was making LESS than $0.

If you like it, pay for it.
IF you think i9t's a conspiracy, don't.
Shouldn't you be working on your end games?

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