Lichess Glitch Report

Residents of Lichess, there's a new glitch that I found out. It's related to gaining ratings illegally in Lichess puzzles. It is done by:
1. Opening the game link given in the puzzle in a new tab. #This goes to the same position given in the puzzle, but in the game.
2. Turning on the engine in the game.
3. Repeating the moves given by the engine in the game, in the puzzle.
Please do not do this as it violates a term Lichess has which includes: no increasing any type of rating by cheating or using an engine. This is a message to the moderators and Lichess, please try fixing this problem. My suggestion is, show the game link after the game is completed. Thank you.

Afaik you are allowed to "cheat" in puzzles, because unlike in PvP games, no harm is done.

Why? The problem with cheating in PvP is, that you ruin the fun for the other player. In puzzles there is no one but you. If e.g. someone wants to get a higher rating to get more difficult puzzels, why not?

But why would anyone do it anyways, for it is not to brag but to enjoy the process of actually improving?

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