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The Lichess Bots Championship will start on June the 16th 2018. It is not an official lichess tournament. If you want your lichess BOT to participate, it has to have the pink BOT in front of its name and it has to join before June the 15th 2018. By joining the team you promise that the lichess BOT will compete in (and complete) the tournament.

The rules of the Lichess Bots Championship can be found at

Final will be Stockfish vs Stockfish

There will be some obvious results, but it can still be fun. A team of players and engines that decides on moves together might be even stronger. I think there will also be some very enjoyable games between lichess bots that don't make it to the final.

Only a couple of days left until the start of the championship!

The winner is already known : BAD MODO!

Even BadModo can participate in the tournament, but not everyone will let BadModo win.

The championship needs at least six more participants, otherwise the championship will unfortunately be cancelled.

Perhaps you should have allowed bots to join without filling in a submission.

Yes, perhaps. The idea of not letting everyone join the Lichess Bots Championship Team (without the join request getting accepted) is that only players with the pink BOT in front of their name can post in the official forum of the tournament. That way only participants (and the arbiter) can post results.

I will accept all lichess bots that send a join request and they can leave the team when the tournament ends.

Unfortunately the championship is cancelled because of lack of participants.

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