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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. I've created many Chess Variants. AMA.

I've created many Chess Variants and have played countless variants. I've studied Chess, as a game, and continue to be fascinated by its evolution.

Are you curious about Chess Variants? Have a particular question? Ask Me Anything. This AMA is for you.

Question Number 1 :
List the variants you created and explain them


Do you think it's disrespectful to the late (and great) Bobby Fischy to refer to Fischer random as chess960? It's like calling the Ruy Lopez the bishop pin knight opening instead of giving proper credit where credit is due.

Would you like to play a game that is a cross between three checks and crazyhouse against me on lichess? We could play it by playing a crazyhouse game with the agreement that whoever gets checked three times first must resign.

That last one was pretty cool. Love crazyhouse have started to play it more lately. Its really fascinating.

@NeverBeenTimid We, the eastern subhumans call Ruy Lopez the Spanish Opening.

Philistine! Lol ok you got me there. Well what about the Grob attack?

Or the Philidor Defence ?

Yeah or the Tarrasch! I think we are doing a disservice to fischer by calling it 960.

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