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  3. It's not fun anymore!

I've been playing in this site without any problem with the time.
Today, about 3 games suddenly I'm out of time. Either side clock had stop running. 3 of those games I'm on winning position. Suddenly, an automated voice said " you lose"!

Can anybody or staff at lichess explain? If it's not fun anymore,
then you it's better to stop playing on this site.

Which 3 games do you mean?
The move times from the games you lost by timeout today look pretty normal to me.. and only in one of them, you had an advantage (the one against rizkyarya). In 3 out of the 6, you are actually in a losing position (the other 2 are equal).

it also happened to me.usually in 15 min games,i was thinking for about 5 minutes with 10 mins on my clock and it said that i suddenly run out of time

learn how top report bugs.

i think i also should comment this. my friend plays 1/4+0 a lot, and he says he has the same problem! when he decides to think a bit, he immediately runs out of time! can anyone help him to fix this?

Well....if he's playing 1/4+0, there's not much time for thinking. Perhaps he should use a longer time control.

@orionchess same happens to me, ridiculous.

The thing about chess clocks is that they count downwards. Lets say you play a 3 0 game. That gives both you and your opponent 180 time units. Every second you think on your own time you lose one time unit. So if you spend five seconds on your first five moves you will have 175 seconds left for the rest of the game.

Lag and poor internet connection can influence how long it takes for the server to register your move. For more information you can read:

#5 was being sarcastic.

I like @orionchess answer the best!
But as @Nimbus16 is an experienced player I would guess his problem is lag. Lichess compensates your lag only up to 1 sec per move (which is a good thing!), if your lag is higher you will receive your opponents moves later but your clock is still ticking. Like lovlas said, you can check your lag here:

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