is this ok on lichess?

suppose i'm 1900 hyper who has no hard time beating guys up to 2000-2100. i make completely new acc, win 5-6 consecutive games against 1900-2000s (or keep making new accs til i finally not fail and consecutively win like 6-7 games w no lose). at this point, my hyper rating will most probably go up to like 2200 or even 2300 (have had, can confirm).

but still there's question mark next to my name which makes clear i'm just new so rating is very provisional. however, now i start playing against 1200s, ones i'm dead sure will lose anyway, most likely even just purely on flag cause they aren't even close in hyper. now i have played games many enough to get that question mark removed from my name, my rating deviation goes low as well.

so in result, i get 2200-2300 hyper rating when i'm 2000 max and i can always play a game or two once in a week against 900s that i'm dead sure i will win so that question mark don't come back and i even count in overall rank since i've played recently.

and sure i can't get flagged for rating inflation/deflation cause i don't do technically anything wrong.

how does lichess feel about this? is this fair to you? i think although no illegal or unfair thing is involved, it's still "wrong" and "not embraced" cause it's literally misleading, which i feel should be avoided.

moreover, i'd rather having 1900 in hyper with "generic" methods than 3300 but with rating exploitations like this.

You can click "create game" and then set the opponent rating just as you want.

I don't think you'll lose the provisional rating if you only play players rated 500 points lower than you and win every game. I think (but I'm not 100% sure) you need to draw or lose a bunch of games before losing the provisional rating.

@h2b2 no he does not need to lose or draw. But if he only plays low rated players, he will never get the provisional removed. You need enough rated games against players, that have a similiar rating. If he wins the first seven and reaches 2200/2300 and then only plays the low rated players like he said, the games against the low rated players dont count so he will never get rid of the question mark

Making additional accounts without a reason and approval is not allowed as far as I remember.

@glbert can you stop engaging the moderators please with the Ingrid topic? That's one of the reasons why forums get closed.

What are you talking about. I did not engage any mods with the Ingrid topic, I posted a link to a specific message *by* a mod in the Ingrid topic. Let me paste it directly, since you obviously did not read it:

> People can get kicked off the leaderboards for abusing the system, for example, farming points playing
> against bots and newbies. That's the best case. Worst case, we may consider this to be a form of boosting
> and will mark account as such.

This literally answers the questions OP posted.

Why would you ever want to do that?
What is the point of an artificial rating without play?
Chess is a game, it is meant to be fun.
Rating is a way to get you good matches for play, not to stop you from playing.