Is it a thing to not accept tackeback in bullet (1min match) ?

One of many reasons Lichess is better than any other website of chess is the tackeback... Why people are so rude on Bullet games ?

Bullets are possibly to not have takebacks necessarily. Especially in a 1 minute match!

Imo takeback is the worst feature of lichess, and it's rude to waste your opponent's time by offering it.

@alperen-dirilish, the best way to offer a takeback in Lichess is to play your move first and then offer a takeback. As it doesnt happens to loose your time from your chess clock.

This thread is about if tack-backs work well in bullet or not right?
I just played a 1+0 game a few minutes ago, and well I offered a tack-back after mistakenly moving my king 1-square instead of castling and instead of saying "yes" or "no" my opponent instead just didn't respond.
Probably because they wanted me to lose time.
Yeah sure they have every right to not respond but It is really annoying for me personally.

@shadow1414 easy solution: never ask for a takeback and you will never again be victim of that. Clicking yes/no woudl time taking operation for opponent who would then need move mouse over the board to make move. Takes backs are silly feature that should not exist at all in rated game. Hence I did the only sensible thing and disabled it alltogether

I shouldn't ask in bullet definitely.
But I don't see anything wrong with tack-backs existing in rated games. If I ask for a tack-back am I hurting anyone?
There are many arguments that make tack-backs sound good and bad. But I try to just think of them as a game mechanic that (to my knowledge) only exists on lichess.
"Clicking yes/no woudl time taking operation for opponent who would then need move mouse over the board to make move." Yes I know.
I just find it annoying when they are ignoring me. But again they have every right to do that.

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Hey, I agree with u that it is quite offending to ignore one's take-back request but do think about it in this way....
when you are playing a rated game it's the equivalent of a game being played in a tournament as it affects your rating and in such formal games you would be applying the rules of touch-piece, and you surely couldn't ask your opponent for a takeback on such an OTB game. Also, in a formal rated game there would be minimal talking between players.
A nice option would be for u to enable "confirm move" as then u would get the choice to confirm your move and not worry about mis-clicks. This setting solely exists to prevent such mis-clicks and is the biggest advantage of online chess as it lets u change your move without worrying about "the touch-peice rule".

Misclick are part of bullet. You need to be quick and sometimes you miss the right square. I accept takeback for misclick in blitz games or longer, but not in bullet.

And takebacks don't waste the time of anyone, as the time is reset after a takeback. For example, if you had 50s when it's your turn, use 4s and ask for a takeback, you'll get your 50s back. You come back to the exact solution before the misclick.

Regarding move confirmation, I'm not sure that I would use such a thing in blitz. It wastes too much time to confirm every move

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