Is checkers a more strategic game?

I am internally debating whether checkers or chess is more strategic. My heart says that chess is more strategic because there are more possible moves; however, my friend thinks that checkers is more because it has more pieces. Please respond. URGENT. This question is killing me inside.

Checkers is solved. Chess is not. There are 20 available first moves in chess, and only 7 in checkers. There are 24 total pieces in checkers. There are 32 in chess.

Case closed.

I would say chess, since checkers is a solved game if I remember correctly.

Are the miniature horses the same mass or the same volume as a duck????

Both games are very complex and difficult.My opinion.

Chess is more strategic. Checkers has been solved, chess has more rules, more possible pieces, more variety


1 horse sized duck, not 100 duck sized horses because strength is in numbers!

Also it's easier to outrun a duck, no matter how big XD