Introducing ALEX V1.0, the new open-source lichess puzzle bot!

Hello everyone!
I advise you to take a look at my puzzles rating, and then come back to this topic.

The rating is obscene, isn't it?
Well, I admit that my amazing chess skills are not the reason for it, but....
ALEX version 1.0!
I wrote a simple python-selenium-based lichess puzzle bot, that will (upon activation) complete every single puzzle in lichess.
Link for downloading:
To use it, you've got to install Python 2.7 and its matching selenium library.
Documentation and Instructions are written within the .py file.

Tell me what you think!
(Note that I am a big fan of lichess puzzles, and created this bot only for entertainment, knowledge and studying purposes).

Solved 1003 tactical puzzles 3416 1413 1000 wins 3 losses
Do you do some of them by hand?
Or does your bot mess up 0.2991% of puzzles?

Also, how highly rated are the puzzles the bot is doing?
I know that above ~2000 I get many ~1800 puzzles that I just need to do reliably to avoid crashing my puzzle rating.

"2. Can I use an engine in casual games (or against stockfish/the puzzles/opening training)?

A: Yes. You may ONLY IF YOU LET YOUR OPPONENT KNOW YOU'RE USING ONE. If someone wants to play a computer, they can play vs. AI. They should have expectation that they're playing a human if they accept a human's challenge. You can use an engine against stockfish if you please; games against the computer are never rated. Similarly, using an engine to solve a puzzle (or help you in the opening training) is not against the rules and you will not be marked as a cheater. But, should you use an engine for the training puzzles/openings, you'll only be cheating yourself." ---- Chess_Agent (lichess moderator)
So yes, this is 100% legal.

No, the 3 mistakes I had were when I was testing stuff with the bot.
Unless an under-promotion exists in the puzzle, the bot works great. If there is some sort of under-promotion, it will not continue working - much for your benefit of watching a unique puzzle and solving it by your own


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