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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Increment is the devil.

increment chess sucks, increments totally ruins the flow of the game especially online. OTB it makes a little more sense since it takes like 1-2 sec to physically make a move. But still delay is probably better for that purpose.


you can play chess any way you want, its all personal preferences imo

I agree sometimes; disagree sometimes.
I agree on anything over 1 minute should not have a increment. Like the
3+2 tournaments.
Had situations here like On move 11 I have 2:45 left....other player has let their clock run down to 10 seconds.
Then they proceed to move like crazy: racking their time back up. Thats just annoying; and a waste of your time. Not to mention; throwing your game off as you think they are giving up via flag.
IMO you ought to be able to call time. Like in a 5 minute game; should be at least 1 move every 30 seconds. Or minute. or something.

However, I like increment on short time setting games. Like a 15 second + 5. Those are fun.

Totally disagree.

Compare 3+2 to 5+0. It needs more than 60 moves that 3+2 games last longer but nevertheless you can take your time in critical positions not being afraid to be flagged in the end in a winning position.
Therefore increment creates flow because the position (and not the time) stays in the focus and more time is only guaranteed if the position is worth it.

increment is for the weak

The time factor is just another element of the game, but in tournaments, they only cause a delay in the start of the next round.

Increment is real chess.
Playing on with K+R vs. K+R to time out your opponent is more an exercise in dexterity than chess.