Improvements? Tips?

Hi guys, so I already reached 1700 in blitz here in lichess and I have to say I am kind of proud of it, sure, this isn't much to some of you more experienced players out there, but I thought, a 1700 rating isn't that bad for someone who just plays casually right? I never had any professional training or whatever and I don't plan on getting any in the future because I have important things to do and I can't just slide in chess training in any of my schedules. My skills are mostly based on experience, not training, and I do know a couple openings. Any tips to improve at the comfort of your own home? Thanks!

Solve tactical puzzles from books or apps or puzzle rush and on this website.

Watch videos on youtube of your favorite openings.

Other than that read a good book or two, (I like How to reassess your chess, and Ameteurs mind) and get an endgame book.

If you want to improve then stop playing 3+0 superblitz and play some rapid or classical. The key to play well in blitz and bullet is accumulated knowledge from hours of slow chess and analysis that enables you to rely on your thus gained intuition. First hget better at (slow) chess and then try to transpose that experience to fast chess without losing too much of your strength.

@RicardoMagtanggol , @tpr is right.
Ultrabullet will help you with ultrabullet only.
Bullet will help you with bullet and ultrabullet
Blitz will help you with Bullet, and Ultrabullet
Rapid will help you with Blitz, Bullet, and UltraBullet
Classical will help you with Rapid, Blitz, Bullet, and UltraBullet.

It's all about what you want to be good in.

#4 Is kinda right.
I would go so far as to say that you will only make real progress by playing rapid and slower. Aside from that watch YT tutorials and read books.

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