i like big databases ;)

can anyone recommend me one? I aint that good with those kinds of stuff and the database here seems shallow

Caïssabase is free and not too shallow:

Size-wise maybe about one half of Chessbase's Mega database, which will cost you an arm and a leg.

Is chessbase really not free? Why am i able to use the database? I cant download the pgns but i just do them manually

I am using SCID, the software is free, there are version for Linux and Windows. For Android there is "Scid on the go", which I personally have not tested.

Now you need a file containing games. You can use the mentioned Caissabase, and you don't even have to convert it: it's available for SCID.

In order to update your database with actual games of top players you can use the pgn-files in the free archive of TWIC:

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