I just want to thank the site owners, mods, staff, and doners for this wonderful platform!

Thanks you guys, the site is wonderful! Can't wait to see where it goes in the years to come! This is the best place to play free chess and variants on the internet! Love the practice feature and puzzles, and the forum as well.

I agree- this site is very good, although sometimes the updates get annoying and it glitches-- but the moderators and developers do a VERY VERY good job with this site. Thanks, Lichess staff!

I tried and and was ranked among the top 200 in Chesskid and didn't really play a lot of after all this time ( 2 years on lichess and 4 years on chesskid) i still think lichess is THE BEST website

This site is so good that I could not resist donate some money and becoming a patron.
The whole incredible work and fixed costs are only financed by donations.
Let's all get these wings, so that the quality of Lichess flies even higher!

the studies also made by the members is great and free high quality, I wish this site remains free also it is very hard. thank you all lichess stuff and please add the puzzle rush option or something similar if possible . cheers

Yes, I came for the games, but stayed for the studies. Lichess's study feature is why many coaches, authors, and strong players alike have stayed here.

#5 yes i agree, i am trying to raise money right now, although, as i am 12, i need my parents' permission...