How to stop Lichess from analyzing games automatically?

As soon as I play a game, Lichess does an automatic analysis, adding annotations and variations. This is kind of annoying as I want to do my own analysis. Is there a way to prevent this? I just want to be able to see the actual game without annotations/variations.
Hi, are you addressing analysis? If so, there's an option for not viewing stockfish at all. Click the 3 lines near the bottom right of the screen within the notation and stockfish panel, and within the new menu, click the button near "Disable." This will allow you to NEVER see stockfish analysis unless enabled again, including server analyses from your opponents.
@gmpriyavsky - You might check the "show threat" feature. I believe this will start a game analysis automatically if set to do so. There's a toggle for it at the top of the game record when in game analysis mode. "Show Threat" {Toggle local evaluation} :]

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